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Business Hours
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Our team is ready to assist you with manufacturing your industrial products. Whether you’re manufacturing a product to sell or to support your business, we can help you with production.

We are ready to fabricate for you in support of your project. We have experience with construction both large and small.

Our mobile teams can design, fabricate, and install solutions on your work site.

Our welders are certified and ready to assist in your fabrication project.

We can design solutions for you and use your drawings to manufacture products to your specifications.

We an array of machinery including lathes, mills, and a high-resolution plasma table, we have the capability to machine your items to your exact specifications.

Equipment and Machinery

Our High Definition plasma table is capable of cutting both sheet metal and other input materials. This machine excels at producing cutouts at a high speed with a very high degree of precision.

Material Type – Max Cutting Thickness:
– Steel – 2″
– Aluminum – 1″
– Stainless Steel – 1.25″

Plasma Marking
Plate Beveling – 45* Angle
Precision to .0015 Inches

Our older but still powerful table, this table is great for high volume work that doesn’t require a high degree of precision. This table excels for lower cost sheet metal work, including artwork and signs.

Material Type – Max Cutting Thickness
– Steel – 3/4″
– Aluminum – 1/2″
– Stainless Steel – 1/2″
– Precision + or – .05”

Our 36ton ironworker is a workhorse for notching, punching, and shearing. With it we are able to complete a large variety of tasks without having to waste labor hours on retooling. Our machinists are experts at using it to create your final product. Capabilities:
– Hole punch capacity max 13/16” through ½”
– Bar shear capacity round  ¼” to 1-3/8”
– Bar shear capacity square ½” to 1”
– Plate shear length 13”
– Plate shear capacity 5/8” x 6”, 1/2” x 8”, ¼” x 13”
– Break 4” x ½” Flat bar.
– Stamp aluminum and sheet metal parts Max 4” x 4” x 16ga steel. 4” x 4” x 1/8” aluminum.
– Notch plate parts up to 3/8” steel.

Bridgeport-style Manual mill

Digital read and servo drive for X and Y axis

Manual Lathe for small parts up to 3” od.

Manual Lathe for large parts

Hydmech S23A Band Saw

Hi-speed precision production saw cutting.

Max material size 18” x 20”

Able to process full mill bundles.

Programmable queue for different cut lengths.

1 4’ x 8’ Sigmund Welding jig table Precision flat for speed and accuracy of fabrication.

1 4’ x 6’ Aluminum M6 1” thick precision flat jig table

We have four more fabrication tables in-house for general fabrication.

Tube min. ¼” max 2”

Pipe max 2” sch40

Dies pipe ½” – 1.5” 5 pcs.

Dies Tube ¾” – 2” 5 pcs.

Programmable bend angle, speed, and spring back for production tube and pipe bending.

We have the capability to mag drill holes in 3” steel plates up to 4” diameter holes

4’ x 12GA max capacity manual finger brake with custom back gage for repeated bends